T A T U M    O L S O N    P H O T O G R A P H Y

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J  +   H  //   H O R S E T O O T H    R E S E V O I R    A D V E N T U R E S 


I can take photos of these two any day! We dreamt up an adventure taking us through many stages of light from sunset, to blue hour, to the night sky of stars. We were totally winging it and totally should have gone further out to see more stars, but, what they heck- next time, right Hay? We’ll be joining them over in Europe sometime within the next two years while they rock their awesome lives teaching English and immersing themselves in a whole new culture. I’m so excited for them and honored to have this girl in my life! And, of course, they’ve inspired us to live abroad again someday. Meet my step sister and her husband- aren’t they just lovely?





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