T A T U M    O L S O N    P H O T O G R A P H Y

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p h o t o s    b y    i n d i a    e a r l


I’m that break tradition, no-pose, let’s create the real stuff wedding and elopement photographer from anywhere who’s lived everywhere. For now, Colorado is where it’s at. I can be found cruisin’ on the back of a Kawasaki Vulcan usually at 100 mph and one day whipping through South America all the way to the tip. I think barefoot is best and dancing shamelessly is the cure to world peace. I’m engaged to my best friend- a hippie with the wildest spirit and the most gentle soul. Together, we trek mountains with our pup and order too much take-out where they know us by name. We binge on fresh air which usually leads to climbing, hiking, and jumping off cliffs where we’re not suppose to. Will work for donuts. 


 I capture that raw, all the thrills, messy love, sweet souls, down-to-earth, kind-hearted humans. I’m not about those uncomfortable fabricated shots with a plastic finish. I want you to be who you are with an uncensored, far out, saucy, natural, and kooky love you’ve got. Let your hair down and breathe it in. Run hand in hand even if you trip and fall. Dance to the beat of your own drum. Bring it all. What a rush to document people visually in this way. There’s power in connecting madly with one another. My momentum.. my drive.. is authenticity.  I am here to gather something that grabs your soul to hold onto for a lifetime. Something that only ages like fine wine.


I’m here to give you more than just photographs, 

I’m here to give you art


- T

S T A Y    C O N N E C T E D